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Builder Profile of Scott Glynn

Resurrection Builders was founded by Scott Glynn as a result of first hand experience regarding inefficiencies in luxury home construction. Since a custom home, by nature, becomes something very personal, it can’t be stressed enough that a contractor must take total responsibility. Not only in regards to the actual construction, but also when realizing the hopes, dreams and ambitions of the client.
Scott Glynn Phoenix Custom Home Builder

Service Oriented Mindset

All too often, contractors and clients don’t see eye to eye. Either due to a lack of communication, or an unwillingness from the contractors side to support the client in realizing his, or her, vision. Resurrection Builders are proud to be a part of the change. As a personal contractor and trusted choice among many people looking for affordable and custom luxury homes, they are now a reliable and popular company in the home building field. 

After many successful projects, Resurrection Builders are now a top choice among both private and corporate customers. They have a great team of in-house experts, and aren’t shy to consult the best experts in the field. This has enabled them to realize everything from the most extravagant projects to minor adjustment of existing homes. When contacting them, you are guaranteed a highly professional and efficient partner in turning your dream project into a reality.
Custom Luxury Homebuilder in Phoenix

A Commitment To Quality

Scott Glynn provides the reassurance and confidence of investing with a time-honored and award- winning custom home builder with over 39 years of experience. At Resurrection Builders, we know that the ultimate luxury is peace-of-mind.

By making sure that everyone involved has had their say in the direction of the project, they have found that honesty, communication and trust are three major building blocks in a long lasting client contractor relationship. And by keeping everyone updated on the developments, they avoid unpleasant surprises. This has become somewhat of a trademark in their home building approach and has made then a popular long term partner.

You could say that Resurrection Building is based on the idea that all successful projects must begin with understanding, and end with accountability. That’s why they don’t consider themselves finished until the client is satisfied with the results. But taking this approach and actually realizing it is often easier said than done. It requires dedication and understanding of the needs of every single client. Solid and effective routines have shown to be important factors. By documenting every step, and also making the information easily available, they can proud themselves in being both transparent and thorough. This also means that all questions that arises can be answered in detail.